Bethel College

In July 2013, Dr. Gregg Chenoweth became Bethel College's 7th President. Following six months of review by employees, donors, community members, Church representatives, and Trustees, Bethel College launched five institutional priorities and nearly 200 strategies in March 2014 called the GREATer Agenda: 2014-2018. This represents the first leg of a two-phase journey toward Bethel's 75th Anniversary in the year 2022. The long-term, grand aspiration is that Bethel become a Top Five most influential Wesleyan college in America. How? By becoming GREATer over the next five years. Why? For the greater glory of God.

What produces a GREATer Bethel? The five priorities are:

  • "G" – grow by 1,000 students (200 traditional, 800 adult/graduate)
  • "R"- perpetuate conditions for spiritual revival so compelling it spreads across our region
  • "E" – serve our students and each other with such excellence we surprise them, and we earn an encore
  • "A" – improve campus aesthetics with $20 million in designated projects ($5.8 million raised in first six months) and
  • "T" – testify more broadly to who we are and what God is accomplishing among us.
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